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"Kate is extraordinary! Her insightful and actionable coaching and never-ending encouragement and positive reinforcement literally changed my professional life. Kate coached our executive team as a whole and each of us individually as we worked together to build a transparent, trusting and top-performing culture at Armory. She has the keen ability to see through the politics and posturing to understand what’s really going on in an organization. Her no-nonsense communication style and honest assessments are unique and surprisingly refreshing. She helped us executives become an actual team, creating an environment of trust, empathy, collaboration and candor. She gave us actionable tools to substantially improve our decision-making processes and dramatically increase the effectiveness of our meetings and strategy sessions, all in an atmosphere of collaboration and fun. Kate also coached me individually to improve my leadership skills and management approach, providing me with more insight and improvement in 9 months than I had gained over an entire career. I learned that asking the right questions works better than giving the right answers. I discovered how to create the safe environment that allows employees to open up, find their strengths, get their deserved recognition and ultimately bring their best selves to work. And, I had in Kate a trusted supporter, cheering me on every step of the way and calling out me out when I stumbled. If you also want to be faster than a speeding bullet, be more powerful than a locomotive and soar higher than any plane, then you need the superpowers that in my experience only Kate can provide."

- Carl Landers, VP of Marketing

“Working with Kate was a game-changer. She helped change our organizational culture that felt stifled and slow to a culture of excitement, fulfillment and innovation. She helped guide my executive team to open up and have the tough conversations we needed to have. Finally, I worked 1:1 with Kate on my own leadership style. I learned to show deep care and lead with kindness and passion in a way I hadn’t quite before. I noticed how much my team and employees appreciated my vulnerable and courageous side. I learned to lead with heart instead of just intellect, and it paid off in dividends."

- Karen Austin, former CIO of PG&E and Walmart

“Every organization needs a Kate. Every team needs a Kate. Everyone needs a Kate. She's a full-stack culture queen. At the individual level, I've grown more in the past year with Kate than I have in the past 10 years without her. Her unique skill in identifying when to sit-back and observe or when to push you harder is awe-inspiring.  She won't tell you what to do but instead ask you a series of questions that help guide you to your own conclusions and growth. You own all of it. At the team level, she operates like a sports coach by taking a set of individuals with their own agendas and making them a cohesive team that works together toward shared goals. At the company level, she manages to breathe life and energy into every individual of an organization. It's rather difficult to explain, but you can feel the sense of excitement and engagement people have all of a sudden for a companies mission and goals. Finally, Kate fundamentally changed my perspective on leadership. Instead of me being solely responsible for my direct reports successes and failures. I was transformed into a coach myself. This transformation allowed me to actually empower my direct reports and I watched them really start to thrive. They took responsibility and ownership over their growth and development in a way I hadn't seen before. With Kate's continued support I learned to lead by passion and hope, instead of fear."

- Isaac Mosquera, Founder & CTO of Armory

“At IGNITE, we bring together C-level leaders from large global companies to have collaborative discussions about the acceleration of digital change.  Kate has delivered keynotes at several of our virtual roundtables and her point of view that corporate culture change must happen in parallel has proven to be profoundly interesting and relevant for our community.” 

– Emmet B. Keeffe III, Founder, Insight IGNITE at Insight Partners

“I'm grateful to have a supportive, inspiring, thought-provoking resource in Kate. While Kate worked with our firm she did an outstanding job coaching executives out of their tactical realms and into more intentional and engaged ways of building our teams. In that role, she was a great resource to me, deftly balancing unwavering support with her ability to push me into uncomfortable dialogues that greatly impacted my growth as a leader. In our firm, she left a legacy of gratitude, appreciation, engagement and creativity which persist through every office to this day.

At a personal level, I can trace many impactful leadership developments back to ideas, organizations, or people Kate introduced me to. For many years now, I have appreciated our continued dialogue. She has continued to serve as an important confidant, champion, and challenger.  Her ability to impact at a personal level, a leadership level, and organizational level are extraordinary!"

– Brian Kreischer, Managing Partner at Frank, Rimerman + Co. 

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