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What I Offer

Executive Coaching

I have coached c-suite executives from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. No matter where you are in your leadership journey I understand the need to have someone in your corner, a confidant and someone to ensure you are becoming the best leader you can be. I will ask you the hard questions, I will champion you, I will track your progress and most importantly I will believe deeply in your potential.

Executive Team Coaching

The coach and the captain of a sports team aren't supposed to be the same person. I believe the same to be true in corporate teams. The connective tissue and strength of an executive team is critical to the cohesiveness of the rest of the company. Learning to collaborate, work through hard issues, increasing honest communication, and make quick decisions are all things I help executive teams do. Strong executive teams are the most resilient.

Culture Transformation

Do you have the feeling that your company culture could be better? Are you wanting to find new ways of doing and being at work? I help transform company cultures from command-and-control styles of working to self-managed organizations and somewhere in between. Everyone knows a healthy culture is critical but few know how to actually influence and manage it. I work part-time or full-time on culture transformations, from 50 person start-ups to 20,000 person Fortune 100 companies. No size is too big or small for me.

Founder Coaching

Being a founder is a very special and specific position to hold. It comes with its own difficulties and challenges. Starting a company is hard enough but navigating those early stages with one to two other founding partners only adds to the complexity. 10 % of founding teams don't make it through the first year and only 55% stay together after four years. I have helped several founding partnerships figure out how to work swiftly and smoothly together so that they don't have to spend time on their disagreements and can put all of their energy into building their amazing company. Learning to work well with your founders is critical to your long-term success.


I have been a professional speaker for over a decade. I have been asked to speak at global conferences, leadership webinars, Fortune 100 companies and executive off-sites. I like to find out what is most important to the client and work with them to craft a speech that will educate and inspire their people.

Salary Negotiation Coaching

No one taught us how to negotiate salaries. The problem is that companies spend all day doing this and you might do it roughly 5-9 times in your life-time. Don't miss out on what you deserve, you should be appropriately compensated for your skills and the value you bring. I understand this is a scary process for many, so that is why I offer specific coaching just on this topic. We will talk about personal value, the salary you want and then we will practice the negotiation until you are comfortable. When you feel confident, you will get what you want.

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