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You will find me at the intersection of business, psychology and culture transformation. I see clear patterns where most see chaos. I work with all levels of an organization: from the individual to the team, to the largest systems. Bringing together my experience in executive coaching, team and individual contributor development, large-scale culture transformation, and deep knowledge and passion in positive organizational psychology I am able to make deep and meaningful changes for companies and executives.

Kate Macaleavey
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My Philosophy

Whether I'm doing 1:1 coaching or full scale transformation work, I whole-heartedly believe that my client has the answer and they just need help unveiling it. I am not here to tell you what the right way is, I am here bring out your best, your team's best and your companies best. I am here to create the environment that helps you see things more clearly. Every client is unique and requires specialized guidance to support these differences.

What I Offer

Executive Coaching
Executive Team Coaching
Culture Transformation
Founder  Coaching
Salary Negotiation Coaching

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