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About Me

About Me

You will find me at the intersection of business, psychology and culture transformation. I see clear patterns where most see chaos. I make the complicated simple and the nuanced, bold. I have worked with seed companies, series A, B & C as well as the Fortune 100, I love it all. Bringing together my experience in executive coaching, team and individual contributor development, large-scale culture transformation, and deep knowledge and passion in positive organizational psychology I am able to make deep and meaningful changes for companies and executives with great speed.

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My Philosophy

Whether I'm doing 1:1 coaching or full scale transformation work, I whole-heartedly believe that my client has the answer and they just need help unveiling it. I am not here to tell you what the right way is, I am here to help you figure it out. What matters at the executive level as well as at the systems level is that the way you do work and the way you show up resonates with who you are. I am here to create the environment that helps you see things more clearly. Every client is unique and requires specialized guidance to support these differences. 

What I Offer

Executive Coaching
Executive Team Coaching
Culture Transformation
Founder  Coaching
Salary Negotiation Coaching
Contact Me

Contact Me

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